Monday, September 3, 2012

Raindrop Rhythm~

Guest Poet: Vinita Bahl 
She played the unattainable diva
His patience on thinning ground
It was now or never, he thought
This time, she had to come around

He tried to get her to notice
Amidst his seasoned flirtations 
She didn’t seem too pleased
By him interrupting conversations

So he simply inched closer
He was done playing games
His strong arms enveloped her 
Defiance was a flickering flame

He caressed her moonbeam face
And as he kissed her parched lips
The dam of resilience lay shattered
With reciprocation her soul grips

Ecstasy glistened as water droplets
Wet diamonds made by sunshine
Serenity filled the green panorama
The earth tasted like old wine

The showers of blessings had arrived
To a proud city with a thirsting soul
My heart unchained like the symphony
‘Call him’, the mind seemed to cajole.

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This is a guest post by my Friend Vinita Bahl. She is unable to post on her page because of her daughter's exams. This is her poem in reply to team Kolkata night writer's challenge. Team Kolkata has challenged our Team Ahmedabad in the "Poetry" genre. The topic they have chosen is: "Rain, Ecstasy". Note: The poem should contain the words, "My heart unchained, like the..." Please do read Vinita Bahl by clicking here.

This is what Vinita Bahl has to say about this poem. "I wanted to end the IBL with an ode to a team member from Amdavad Tadka. The topic was Rain, seemed perfect. My first glimpse of Ghazala Hossain was on her post (Fashion show and Fund raising~) where she walked the ramp along with her husband for the school annual day. She was stunning. And just like that, this poem came about and so did my first ever guest post. 

I envision her as she watches the rain gods have their way with the demure earth......and somewhere between the showers of sweet remembrance, she decides to call on the man she loves and misses......." 

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  1. WOW! This is a really sensous poem.

    This is what sucks about being a bachelor. I now have to sleep alone :(

    1. Hello Capt,

      I really do not know, how to reply.
      Vinita is the culprit:P

      Thanks for commenting anyways :)

    2. Vishal I am so with you...can understand your feelings..

      Beautiful one Vinita...makes your wander in to your deepest desire..:)

  2. Wow! Few of the poems, that someone like 'me' can also understand ;)
    Seriously, I was able to visualize the words, feelings - something like watching a good commercial and able to attatch yourself with it...

    Awesome work by Vinita Bahl! Envy, why did Ghazala get this guest post ;)

    1. Punit,

      Do not worry, Vinita can always write something for you.
      You guys have met, right? So, just cajole her :))

      Thanks and good day~

    2. Iss cute bacche ke liye....anytime :)

  3. Wow Ghazala, you made the words look so much better. Love the pic. It adds depth. And thanks for the link back. And again for the record you have been a fab team member just like the rest and hence there was no better way for me to end the first season of IBL than do this post as an ode to you.

    For the rest of the team members, a guest post whenever you wish (post the exams please, we are doing FRENCH today..........Sigh!)

    Amdavadi Tadka was the best thing that happened to me in the IBL :) Love you guys!

    1. dear Vinita,

      Thank you for such a sweet poem <3
      Must say, you have ishtyle re baba :)
      Now, Punit want you to write for him too.
      Bachcha hai..!! Zid kar raha hai.

      PS: I love you

    2. Lol...I just called him baccha before reading this comment....ha ha ha he won't like it.......Love you too ....hugs...

  4. It's an awesome post, not merely because of the sentiment which created the poetry and the post, a sentiment that our wacky, zany, madhouse of a team has shared like few others, but purely on a stand-alone basis on the strength of the imagery in the poetry, as well as Ghazala's aesthetic sense, the two combined to create a feeling of romantic nostalgia. Whatever happens, TA for ever!

    P.S. The Dhokla is on me, bring your own drinks, cheapskates.

    1. Spoken like a true Gujju.....get rid of the Mallu tag!!!! :P

    2. Hi Sandy,

      I agree, the poem is in it's own class. Kudos to Vinita for writing
      in such short notice. Yeh ladki, ek dam garam, I mean hot hai :p

      Cheap kisko bola?? I do not even drink.
      Aur haan, hum ko dhokla nahi thepla chahiye. Woh bhi ghar wala :)
      Thanks and good to see you~

    3. We Gujjus only drink cold cophee anyway, dry state, but I wont sponsor even cold cophees. Theplas anytime, roje banaviye chhiye. We love our food and snakes. If you prefer I can gipt rape some and send them to your place.

    4. Sandy man,

      No cold coffee? Chalo koyee nahi.
      Thepla aur jara pickle khila dena.
      Aur parcel jaroor karna :)

      PS: Yeh Mallu toh chalu hai :p

  5. Vinita and Ghazala....John Keats mentioned a thing of beauty is a joy forever i remeber that when I read this stuff ..:)))
    Kudos and keep the thoughts flowing...All the best!

    1. Dear Panchalidi,

      Thank you and huggie huggie to you.
      You are such a darling and I am so lucky to
      have you, in my life :)

    2. Wow....that is such a huge compliment..............thank you Panchali.

  6. Did she call him then :)

    this was awesome .. rich and full of emotions..

    all the best for the contest


    1. That is for Ghazala to know and you to find out Bikramjit :D

    2. Bikramjit,

      Well, I call him, at the drop of a hat. Make that cat.
      As Vinita wrote in the poem, it was obviously raining cats and dogs that day:P

      Thanks for reading the first guest post on my space :)

  7. WOW! I love the composition :) So serene <3


  8. loved it ...this is just so beautiful <3 <3

  9. That was a lovely compositiion! You are in august company Ghazala:)

  10. Replies
    1. Dear Jaish,

      Yes, Vinita writes so well. Thanks :)

  11. Beautifully composed poem Ghazala!

    1. Dear Valli,

      I agree, Vinita sure knows how o put it out.
      Thanks :)

  12. Nice poem Vinita!
    Thank you Ghazala:)

  13. This is too good with dramatic twist.

  14. beautiful poem ! and the pic goes with the words

    1. TTT,

      Thanks for noticing the poem. I too like the constant drizzle :)

  15. Wonderful vivid imagery!
    Good one Blogwati ji!

    1. Magic,

      Thanks. Glad yo liked, am sure Vinita will be thrilled to know :)

  16. Loved the layers...intense...sensuous...loved it!

    1. Dear Purba,

      So finally, Vinita's chum bum approves..hehehe
      Thank you and good to see you :)

  17. brilliant use of words ..good one

  18. i don't like poems but this one is amazing

  19. Beautiful poem Vinita! Lucky girl to have a friend like Ghazala :)
    Ghazala-Mujse (bhi) dosti koroge?

    1. Dear Sweta,

      Yeh bhi koyee puchne wali baat hai.
      Let's keep in touch, through our blogs :)

      Thanks Pal~

  20. A very sensuous poem, Vinita! You're amazing but then I've said that earlier. Keep writing! :)

  21. how can one be soooo expressive thru words!! hats off!!:)

    1. Dear Rekha,

      Yes, Vinita can do that. Thanks and good to see you :D