Saturday, May 19, 2012


These days, everyone has the IPL fever. Cricket is ruling us. They say cricket is like a religion. If cricket is a religion then I am an atheist. But things were not always like this. I did have a love affair with cricket long back, which had ended in a divorce. 
Those days, I had joined college, fresh out of school. I was spotted by the coach of woman’s cricket team, Puri district. It was not like I was very athlete or something. It was just that I was easy to spot, purely based on my good height.
Cricket and me? I had played garden cricket as a kid. I was a tom boy and we use to play gulli cricket without any gender bias. They call cricket a gentleman’s game, much later I realized why they have kept ladies like me out.
After my selection, we attended practice sessions at some ground. Our coach was very enthusiastic about me. He discussed his plans of making me a fast bowler. I was excited for him and that he believed in me. In my heart, I wanted to bat and score a century and then raise my hand to my fans in the stadium. Awe, that would be a kodak moment..!
However, time would prove I was good for nothing. After, I registered; I realized that there would be hard work like exercise and lot of running around involved. That it was a major part and parcel of the game, any game.
Also. it was a nightmare to see the rubber ball that we used as kids was replaced with a cricket ball. Red was my favorite color but not here. We did not get along at all. Whenever, it was time for me to bowl, in a freak panic, I threw the ball far out, instead of bowling to the wicket.
Once, our coach seriously suggested that I should get my eyes checked. I always, I repeat always missed the target. At one point, I threw the ball so high that it went over a one storied building. Another time, the ball flew off my hand before I could bring it forward shocking our coach, who stood behind me.
One thing was clear, the bats man, in this case bats woman was always safe from me. I must have been the safest bowler. Was I ashamed of myself?
No ways, I had this bad habit of laughing at myself after each throw. My fit of laughter lasted quite a while. No one could stop my rolling with laughter spree and waited in patience for me to calm down. I continued throwing ball in all direction but the wicket and followed it up with bouts of crazy laughter.
Finally, the young coach gave up. He could not control my throw or my laugh. Next, he tried to train me to bat. This made me very happy. My dream was to be a bats man of some repute. I liked to wear pads on my legs and also liked wearing white pants and shirt. I had already bought those. I definetely looked the part.
To spoil things, the cricket ball played foul here too.  I was fearful of the cricket ball. Every time I faced a ball, I closed my eyes or peeped though one eye making the coach believe I was winking at him.  All his efforts were in vain again.
There was no time left for the match between our side, if my memory serves me right and Berhampur district. I was part of the Puri district team. Yes, I was the twelve th man.  
It was January; I did not mind sitting out thorough the match and I thanked God for it. Our side lost, however we all received a participation memento of the famous Konark chakra. I was happy to call it a day as far as Cricket was concerned. I never went back to the field.
Believe me, I know how tough it is to go out and face a ball~   
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Girls just want to have fun~

      By six in the morning we were out of our pad. My crazy and cute friend Kyra had a Volley ball match to referee and she insisted that I go with her. I was excited when she pointed to her uncle’s white convertible and said, ‘Let us spin this beauty’. Soon, we parked ourselves on the soft leather seats and I started to drive.
      I switched on some music. ‘Girls just want to have fun’ Cindy Lauper was crooning on the radio. Kyra sang along replacing the word ‘fun’ with ‘sun’. I had never seen her so happy before. Her complexion was glowing and she seemed to enjoy the morning sun sitting on her skin.
      Earlier, she had confessed to me, ‘It is my Lakhme Sun expert. It does not allow me to turn into a turnip in the Sun, any more. It protects rather covers, my skin lovingly’. And then she affectionately applied some on me. I too was wearing my skin confidently, in the morning Sun.
      A news flash on the radio informed us of the mandatory police checks on the high way. ‘You look gorgeous Kyra, be ready to be frisked’, I joked as one such junction was coming up. Our ID’s were at hand.
     There was hardly any traffic on the road except for a red car that tailed us. There were four creepy looking middle aged men, who obviously believed they were boys. Loud music, gaudy beach shirts and bear cans (yes that early!!) did nothing to cover their pot bellies and bald island patches on head.
     I drove smoothly and chose not to react. We both knew it would be our loss if these drunken freaks banged our convertible.  The guy, who was driving took his head out and called out ‘SUGAR BABES’ and ‘HOT CHICKS’. A perfect start to a Sunday morning was ruined by these SOGs.
     Kyra planned her move. I almost read her mind. I sped up and found them pushing forward. Their car was on a roll and was neck to neck with ours. The fat fellow on the back seat winked at us and shouted out ‘I need a lap dance? Come make my day’. We both looked at each other and dangerous data transferred between the both of us. 
     We blew hot air kisses at them. They were ready to jump over to our car. The one with corn hair removed his tee and flung it at me.  

Pretty girls are not always dumb. We both were students of Hotel management. We were good looking and hard working. Most of the time, we liked the attention we received but we were definitely not anybody’s sex objects.
          Since last ten freaking minutes our cars were speeding side by side. All four of them were piling on the left side with open mouths. One of them tried to grab my hand and said ‘Honey pot! Come to Poppa’.
With a lazy stretch, Kyra stood up holding the front screen to her full height of five feet seven inches. She wore an off-shoulder dress which was covered underneath a long scarf wrapped around her long straight hair.She pulled out her scarf to reveal her bare shoulders. In reaction, four pairs of male eyes popped out. For the next five minutes, all of them had eyes only for Kyra and her wow skin.


Perfect timing, I applied the brake and our convertible stopped with finesse. Their car missed the red signal ahead and knocked on the police vehicle parked on the right side of the road. A loud BANG declared the successful completion of our plan to distract them. We got more than we bargained for.
      A flurry of activities followed. Two cops ran over to the red car. One by one, all four of them were pulled out and hand cuffed. It would be impossible for them to explain the alcohol on their breath. Drunken driving is an offence and every kid should know it. We moved on with a wave of our hands as soon as the signal turned to green. Life is a beach.

Thank you~

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