Saturday, January 26, 2013

Men Will Be Boys

It is almost funny and after a point irritating to see the way men behave around good looking women. To define good looking, I would say, all women: who have a mind of their own are beautiful.
Here, let us not count young boys. Boys, who are yet to experience life and mature in age or mind, are two blogs on their own.
This is about men, who are working, well settled and doing well in life, who have a beautiful wife, daughter or niece adoring them. These men, most of them are taking top business decisions and molding our socio economic dynamics.
Yet, these men when they come across a pretty face on social network sites behave unlike their age and status. They do not hesitate to send across personal messages or leave comments full of unwanted compliments to a woman, they do not know. At times, they stretch it to a point of harassment. They forget, there is a line between a healthy and a sick compliment. And the 'line' is quite thick, actually.
‘You are looking good’ is allowed.
‘You are looking so good that I just want to keep staring at you. Believe me’ is not allowed.
‘Red suits you’ is allowed.
‘Looking Hot, wear a nose pin and you could kill people with your looks’ is not allowed.
It is amazing that usually they do this to women they have never met. It does not enter their thick head that these women could be someone’s mother, sister and wife.
What is this compulsion to tell a woman she is good looking? Whose vanity is on display here? Believe me, most of the time a woman knows, how she looks.
She knows it because her parents told her as she grew up. Her friends told her when she was in school. Her boy friend told her, if she had one. Her husband tells her. Her children tell her every day. And, she has a mirror at home.
The point is, do not compliment a strange woman in a way that you do not want your girl friends, wives or sisters to be complimented. No matter, how modern or outgoing the woman in question may seem to you, if she is not a close friend, she is most definitely not appreciating your compliments. Take that!

Friday, January 18, 2013


When I live my dreams
I fall in love with you
Like I have never been
Each emotion touch me
Each feeling bleed

On a cold winter night
I am left warm
In a virtual gallery
Ruffled by memories
When, your shadow collide
In romantic delineate
With my “shameless” conscience~

Note: Personal picture~

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love Story by Eric segal

If there is one book that grew me up, between the first page and last page, it was Erich Segal’s novel Love story. It pushed me to such emotional corners; I did not know existed, to all those dark spots that were within my own heart but so far had eluded me. 
I was a young girl and had no imagination as far as love was concerned. I was only sixteen or seventeen, perhaps. My skies were clean and my heart was pink. This book changed everything. My sky turned to a warm pink and my heart was cleansed. I was ready to soak in the multi-hues of love. 
After reading it, I went around in a daze. I was there yet not there. So many impressions from the book lingered, prominent at first, subtle much later and multiple times in between. The story was from a different world, it was about people alien to me yet it woke up sentiments so very mine. I found the understanding of love, in my context, in my surrounding and within my heart… 
I went back to the book, to realise, what is life or love could be. Life was defined by that one book and love was its essence. Even though later, I came to read many love stories, I was forever in love with Erich Segal’s love story. 
Sadly, I found out that Erich Segal died on January 17, 2010. What a loss..~ 
So what is your life changing book?
Disclaimer: Pictures from the net.