Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once Upon The Tracks of Mumbai : Book Review

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Book: Once upon the tracks of Mumbai
Author: Rishi Vohra
Published By: Jaico Books
Year of publication: 2012
Price in India: 175/-

Story: This is an extra ordinary story of an average boy called Babloo. He is autistic, schizophrenic and some what psychotic. He is usually slow to process his thoughts and unusually neglected by everyone around him except Vandana: his neighbor and his dream girl.
The story begins perfectly exploring Babloo's not so perfect life. He is jobless, friendless and to a great extent aimless. However, he is sure of his feelings for Vandana and wants to prove himself to her. He decides to take help of a local playboy Sikandar to win her over. Sikandar has his own notorious plans and at first he seem to be successful in his game plan. The story is also about why and how Babloo chooses to be Rail man and what becomes of him once his secret is out. A realist touch has been given to every episode which at times reminds you of all the stories that you have grown up hearing.

Writing style: the story begins languorously almost lazily building the mood for an insider's views on life in a railway colony. The setting is easy to relate to and quick to accept as your's or your friend's. The author definitely has a grip on the throbbing Mumbai railway map and leads his readers comfortably through the routes while taking the story forward.
The language used is appealing yet understated. The gentle pace at which the story moves is impressive especially in the first half of the story. The last quarter of the story seemed a little rushed. It became more tell than show. By then expectations were running high and the resolution came much too soon. On the whole a good read on a trip or otherwise.

Main characters:
Babloo: He is your common man with a common story. A story that you might read on the news paper in the weekend edition ad have not gotton the chance to explore further. Even though, Babloo obviously has behavioral problems, in his heart he is a hero. And towards that end he leaps happily.
Vandana:  She is a sweet sensible girl who has high ambitions and no means to achieve those dreams. She falls into bad company but soon realises her folly. She agrees to her fate but that was not to be. Vandana is bold, free spirited and responsible. She is definitely heroin material.
Sikandar: He is your rich guy with bad morals, who is out to seduce every dame in sight. His character is one dimensional yet interesting. He has a natural charm and deceptive behavior, something very easy to relate to.

Good quote: 'She has big expressive eyes, which changed sizes innumerable times during each episode of her favorite soap opera'. 

In conclusion, a refreshing read. If promoted well, this book could do very well in the International market. To know more about the author and the book visit

Monday, December 3, 2012

Shopper's Paradise : Shoppers Stop

To me, looking good is more about elegance than fashion, more about
comfort than style. It is imperative to be presentable in today's world as it
speaks volumes about one's personal hygiene, social  status and dynamics.

The best part in all this is, it is no more difficult to dress decently! In fact,
it has become so simple that you can order your entire wardrobe on line 
without stepping out of your bedroom door. However, one must 
remember to get an ensemble right. One needs to balance it with correct
accessories. If 'less' is not 'more', then it should at least be 'just right'. 

With e-shopping destinations like Shoppers Stop: where you get an
array of trendy and traditional lifestyle brands, one is spoilt for choice.
The name itself speak of Quality and Service. Their exchange and return
policies are easy and they deliver to up to 500 cities in India. Above all,
they offer free shipping on all their products. 

To speak of my personal taste, I prefer an 'electic ethnic' look for festival
wear: some thing that is conventional yet cool. A little girl in a Lehenga 
Choli looks cute or a gentle man in Sherwani would impresse more on
an Indian festival day. 

A recent festival saw me wearing a Red Sari, which was much appreciated
by my family and friends. My look was stylish and swanky yet simple.
Presenting my picture from my album. I am trying and recreating my look 
for this contest.  Wish  me luck...

You can put my look together by e-shopping at Shoppers StopClick on 
the product names from the catalog for more details.

1: Kashish chiffon jacquard Saree

2: Asmi 18KT Gold Earring with 0.09 carat diamonds.
3: Infinity Bangle -B43502G
4: Asmi 18KTY Gold Ring with 0.03 carat Diamond
5: DKNY Womens Watch NY 8560
6: French collection Ladies Solar Heat Clutch
7Catwalk - Ladies footwear

I confess that Shopper Stop is like a Shopper's paradise to me. I
love their hand bag collection and accessory section a lot. Here is
a picture of a few things I recently purchased from Shoppers Stop.

Personal Collection

1: Haute Curry Handbag -
HB420I love it. Red hand bags
add to your ensemble. However,
be careful not to go over board. 
Keep rest of your attire simple
and elegant.

2: Hidesign - Handbag'Buy
Now' button for this one is so
inviting. Green is in and this
one is the proof of that. Snake
skin finish and a High fashion
look would make anyone swoon
over this your selection.

3: Fastrack Sunglasses - Basics
 -P187BR2F: This is a very 
fashionable and useful 
accessory. It protects your face 
from the Sun God on a day of 
out door fun and frolic. This is
forever use.  

Thank you ShoppersStop  and Indiblogger for this exciting contest. 
Click here for the perfect look contest details.

Disclaimer: Pictures of products and logo are from Shoppers Stop
IndiBlogger logo is from it's site. Rest two are my personal pictures.