Thursday, August 1, 2013


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Book: Compass Box Killer.
Author: Piyush Jha
Published by Rupa
Year of Publication: 2013
MRP: 195/-

Story: This is a crime thriller as the name suggest and religiously sticks to the genre. This is my first book of the Mumbaistan series and I could see why this series is popular. Inspector Virkar is your regular good cop. However, what sets him apart is his logical thinking and practical approach. He does not expect much but delivers his best.
The plot thickens from the very start and one murder leads to another. The killer leaves clue in an old style compass box. What is interesting is half way through the book, you are still as clueless and intrigued as the main lead. The motive and the ending all fall into place leaving a feel good factor behind. I am tempted to say more. But that would not be fair to the prospective readers.

Characters: There are three characters that stand out. And each one has been sketched in detail.
Inspector Virkar: He is your true blue hero. A tough man with a tender heart. He believes in right over wrong. A very likable plus relate-able personality. At one point, I wished, we had more of him in our police service. He gives such a positive picture to our system. I could see a young Vinod Khanna playing him.
Rashi: The female lead has a multilayer personality. She is ambitious and daring. She is smart and intelligent and does not let her heart rule over her mind. The young generation could easily relate to her. Her character is well molded and makes the plot more interesting. One waits for her arrival.
Hari Prasad: He is a educated and compassionate killer. His character takes shape slowly but surely. Initially, one is left wondering, what kind of a man would kill a police officer right inside a police station. But, as the story progresses, one almost respects his motive.This man has a heart and allows it to rule him.

Writing Style: Writing style is powerful yet not over powering. It shows author's command over the language and an ability to restrain it. It is written in a way that the lay man could understand the story at the same time it is not layman's English.
A crime thriller can easily go over the top or it can lose it's grip fast, in this case neither happened.

Conclusion:This is a good book to read on a train trip or over coffee in the weekend. I am not much of a crime thriller fan yet I liked this one. My only grouse is, it has no wow factor. There is not a moment where, I was like 'this is brilliant'.

Quote Unquote from Compass box Killer: 'The absence of proof does not mean the hypothesis is wrong. It just means that the evidence needs to be found'.
Happy reading.