Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TANTRA : A book Review

Book: Tantra
Author: Adi
Published By: Apeejay Stya Publshing
Year of publication: 2013
MRP: 195/-
Story: This story is about Anu Aggarwal, a New York City bred Indian girl, who kills vampires for a living. She is tough, she is rightful and she has just lost her lover, Brian. It could have been just another revenge story if not for the way the author has used it to tell a fantasy story about spirits, souls and bodies.
Anu had to visit Delhi where her aunt lived and she had spent her summer holidays, to avenge Brian’s death. When she is adjusting to the new culture, setup and rules, her aunt is trying to set her up for a Dekhan Dekhai with a prospective groom. Between chanting mantra and mastering astra, plotting to kill the evil leader Saneka and saving the world there are many fun moments.
Writing Style: The best part about Tanta is it is written with a lot of spunk and style. The way the main character Anu aggarwal and Amit her Delhi buddy interact is interesting to read. The Shaadi wadi part and the mantra tantra part have been tackled with equal élan.
The only point that bothered was the usage of F word. It seemed forced and out of place. Almost like it had been added as an afterthought that this is a vampire book, it is for the youth so why not add sprinkle it as well.
Anu Aggarwal: The name throws you back to the Actress who debuted with the movie ‘Ashiqui’. However, this one is not demure. She is very well put as the main lead. Her sensibilities are definitely likable. She is good looking at the same time hard working, who else would be willing to chant mantras countless times to master an astra.  She is your today’s youth, very clear in head and a little confused at heart. 
Amit: He is your second lead, a friendly guy who does not seem to take his work seriously at the same time is well connected and informed, very likable and easy to connect to.
Saneka: He is the main villain, who is all evil and powerful. In this age of fake Baba, he seems like a perfect choice to paint all black. His ways are wrong and his intentions are worse. He needs to be stopped.
Gaurav: Well, he is your typical hero material, quick with his words and affection.

In conclusion, a fun read that has a serious mythical back ground. I am not very fond of blood and gory of the vampire world but I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the way Delhi was used and Indian mythologies were explained. There is a lot of promise shown by the debutant author Adi. Would not mind picking his next book up.

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