Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Game Boy~

He hugged
She ducked
He leered
She jeered
He copied
She worried
He lashed
She whipped
He launched 
She punched
He grabbed
She stabbed
He kicked
She Jumped
He resolved
She evolved
He fire balled
She made water fall
He drowned
She was crowned
He looked
She laughed
Game over, Arham saved and logged out.

PS: Arham is my son's name. Note: 55 words Micro fiction. Written on 2 June 2010.
Disclaimer: Picture is from google.       

Friday, July 27, 2012

A picture from the past~

This post is part of the contest A picture can say a thousand words.. on WriteUpCafe.com
Short Story based on this picture.

The picture was clear to me. Stark, black and white but clear. There was me in it: a happier, much younger version of me. I wore a turban on my head along with my work clothes and carried Chanda: my daughter, on my shoulders like I use to, a long time back.

      She was four years old, as old as I last saw her. She sat comfortably with both her legs hanging around my neck and my head held in her baby arms. There was something in the way she rested her head on mine that made her seem weary yet confident. Like she knew, her Abbu would get her home somehow, anyhow.
    She wore her best dress, the pant suit that I bought for her for Eid. The dress was tad expensive by our standards. However, festivals had always made me splurge.
      Bit by bit, the picture grew a life and turned into a scene/ a sequence. On difficult nights, this was a dream that I lived. A dream, that never lasted for long, just about enough to bring me the taste of my past, of what I lost.  
      Crumpled was my life. Folded and creased endlessly. I was broke and homeless, without a friend or a foe.  No one cared, none bothered. Oh, I received a lot of those pitiful glances, those careless looks. Each set of eyes worried to rest on me. I was frightened of the freight in their eyes.   
      It was a dark silent night, one of the worst kinds, with no stars out. You had nothing to look up to, nothing to shine on you. And you wake up from a sweet dream to bitter cold.  Morning would bring rain..!
    Incessant rain drops would pour down, soaking you, crowding you, drowning you.  I shuddered and tried to move to a comfortable sitting position, unsuccessfully. I was not alone. Under a lamp post, on a deserted by lane, I had street dogs for company. And a few other castaways like me. Some of them had not moved for days. And then there were others, who blabbered late into the night.
    I hated the street and I hated everyone around it, including myself. I wanted to run away. But, where would I go? I was a man, old before my time. I was dead alive. My past murdered my present and my future died in quick reaction.
    Everywhere that I went, memories reached me. Memories shuffled me like a pack of cards. It connected me to a past, I would much rather live and not dream about. A time, when I had a tiny but cozy home, a small but fertile farm land and most importantly, a wife and a four year old daughter: Chanda.
    My recurring dream was my sole solace, where I was a hero. In my delusions, I carried Chanda to safety, where she would be alive. I protected Chanda like a father should have, like I never could.
    The incessant rain and that furious flood took everything away from me. It left me guilty. Guilty of guilt that I was safe, I was alive when my wife and daughter were not. I was not there with them in death. I was away on my weekend trip to the city. Three hundred miles away-I was tucked in a warm blanket-when flood hit my village-wiping clear my life. It left me bereft of home, family and essence.
It started to rain again, fading the picture of my past from my mind.  'Chanda, my dear daughter, wait for me, wait for your Abbu. Abbu’s coming for you…'. I was blabbering ~
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Horror Haiku~

You need not love me.
I was dead and heart-broken
Before I killed you

Do not feel helpless
Will give you my arms and limbs
Let me chop it now...

Note: These Zombie haiku is written by me, for an ebook collaboration which released recently.
© Rachel Lynn Brody & Miranda Doerfler, 2012
Cover & Interior Illustrations
© Nick Doerfler & Miranda Doerfler, 2012


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fashion Show & Fund Raising~

Calcutta International School(CIS), where my kids study, throws an annual fund raising bash at the end of every year. It is an evening where all the parents, patrons and teachers come together for a fun filled evening in an informal do. Everybodyhas a  good time and helps a good cause at the same time.
Last year, the plan was to move one step forward with a fashion show of a special kind: Foreign national parents, Indian parents as well as teachers were to walk the ramp. The show was to be done aesthetically and professionally.  
Date: 22/10/2011
Location: Banquettes, Park Hotel
Some pictures from the show:

Your truly, all dressed up and excited~

Dance performance by professional artists.

 International Round by CIS parent.

 Sari Round by CIS mothers.

                          CIS teachers in Black and Gold theme. The white one in the middle is Dr Anuradha Das, Director, CIS.

Waiting for our turn: My husband and Me.

The beginning of Couple's Round.

Finally, the spot light was on us.

Later, live band and DJ rocked the night.

Dinner was a lavish affair. Here is to sweet endings.

Thank you and Take Care...
Event Management: Amit Ghosh Dastidar.
Couple's wear: Bridal line by designer Soumitra Mondal
Mothers Saris: Byloom
Teacher's round/Gold jewelry: A Sirkar Jewelers. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kewpie's ~ A Bengali Food Restaurant

The name itself speaks for itself.

This restaurant by Rakhi Purnima has won awards by the dozen.

The ambiance is cozy and old world.

The extensive menu can easily confuse a non Bengali dinner. However, a friendly staff is present to help.

The basic veg thali: Rice, Luchi, Chola dal, Alu dom and Saag.

Next there was Doi begun, Daab chngri, Kosha Mangsho and Posta Alu and Jhinge.

Hold on, here is sweet mango Chutney.

Finally, there is Paan, Sandesh and Mishti doi.

A non-veg meal for two will set you back by 1200/- with every penny giving it's worth.

Next time you are in Kolkata, look it up~