Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moments & Memories

Personal picture

Memories nudge me
To lazy afternoons
When I was immature
And Playful
Dancing on stage
Camping in the Sun
Rolling on grass
Was so much fun
Hiding in the Moonlight
Learning to fly a kite 
Avoiding Homework
Friends by my side
Bouncing on my bed
Jumping over barbed wire
Stories before bed time
Picnic by garden fire
Love was yet to happen
Dreams were still true
Childhood memories
Take me back with you
Note: This picture is special because it takes me back to my
childhood: when life was carefree and I was careless.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

I am not an Alien

After a few intense posts, here is a fun post dedicated to all my friends and readers.

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Do I look like an Alien? Or a robot perhaps? I have been daunted with request to prove otherwise in the cyber world. To all those who have captcha code on, let me ask a simple question. Please tell me how many of you been badgered with comments from the outer world?
I am forced to go through captcha code time and again. I am your obedient blogger. You will not find me complaining often. But, I would like to appeal all my co friends who have captcha code on their blogs to please remove it. One such friend was not even aware that she had a captcha code on her space until someone told her. So here is me begging you to please check if you have a captcha code. If yes, please get rid of it now.
Please, do not make me go through complicated and meaningless words to leave a feed back on your blog. My eye sight is not as good as before and I make multiple mistakes in retyping the prompt. Almost always, I end up disheartened and disgusted with myself.
Some ask me to prove that I am not a spammer by clicking on a box. To me, that is okay to some degree. Comment moderation is fine too. I mean, it works for me to a great extent. However, imagine when you come across a captcha code followed by a comment moderation. I mean, how careful can you be? LOL
Dear friends and fellow blogger, this post is written in jest, I do not mean to offend anyone. Please, bear with me. I am cranky today. Have a nice weekend~

Find out more about captcha code here~

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Final Good Bye~

She looked like a skeleton
With loose skin on her bones
Her eyes were transparent
Her feelings were unknown
She wore a bright turban
Her hair was mostly gone
She looked much older
Than her forty two years
And seemed unaware
Of people and their despair
Lying on a bed
Blanched and drained
Pale as a white rose
Weathered and wasted
Life had taken a turn
Landing her in a storm
Alien and alienated
She forgot where she’s from…

Her family had gathered
For a final goodbye
Questions on their mind
‘Whats’ and ‘whys’
Her laughter broke the silence
When she thanked one and all
Her strength had given up
Her spirits hung on_

Note: Dedicated to every single cancer patient out there fighting for life.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Professional Touch~

She doesn't complain when her husband calls to inform that he’s going to the club to watch a cricket match. She tucks their kids in bed and offers a glass of water to her mother-in-law before saying good night. Voila, her world opens up as she switches on her laptop for blogging. Sleep be damned.

Her nursing home is no less than a temple both for the rich and the sick people. Smallest of ailment is taken care of without a frown of impatience. The fear of cancer is replaced by a stitch here and a trick there. Her Godliness is as good as the patient’s fancy health insurance policy.

Air hostess:
She travels the world and the world travels with her. As a high flying air hostess, she brushes her teeth in a different five star every week. Tall, slim and full of life, she serves everyone with a smile. The world is her platter. However, she vomits what she eats. Bulimia is what does her.

She walks-in in the morning with a smile. She stays back at night when it is essential. She performs like a mother and assists like a sister. She is a nurse and her job is quite Nobel except when an errant patient touches her inappropriately. Fear of losing job does not allow her to complain. 

From painted face to airbrushed profile pictures, from local tailors to designer brands, from shady by lanes to face book walls, from bargaining on the streets to on line money transfer and from a few local customer to International client servicing, she has definitely come a long way with her Personal Computer as her pimp.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Note: Five 55 words micro fiction on popular and controversial female professions that I see around or read about.
Disclaimer: All images from Google.