Friday, November 23, 2012

I am not an Alien

After a few intense posts, here is a fun post dedicated to all my friends and readers.

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Do I look like an Alien? Or a robot perhaps? I have been daunted with request to prove otherwise in the cyber world. To all those who have captcha code on, let me ask a simple question. Please tell me how many of you been badgered with comments from the outer world?
I am forced to go through captcha code time and again. I am your obedient blogger. You will not find me complaining often. But, I would like to appeal all my co friends who have captcha code on their blogs to please remove it. One such friend was not even aware that she had a captcha code on her space until someone told her. So here is me begging you to please check if you have a captcha code. If yes, please get rid of it now.
Please, do not make me go through complicated and meaningless words to leave a feed back on your blog. My eye sight is not as good as before and I make multiple mistakes in retyping the prompt. Almost always, I end up disheartened and disgusted with myself.
Some ask me to prove that I am not a spammer by clicking on a box. To me, that is okay to some degree. Comment moderation is fine too. I mean, it works for me to a great extent. However, imagine when you come across a captcha code followed by a comment moderation. I mean, how careful can you be? LOL
Dear friends and fellow blogger, this post is written in jest, I do not mean to offend anyone. Please, bear with me. I am cranky today. Have a nice weekend~

Find out more about captcha code here~


  1. Agree with you. unless the blog gets tens of comments every hour, there is no need for captcha verification and the akismet anti-spam verification does most of the job

  2. Agree completely! The word verification is a big pain! I think, there are various levels in word verification, like easy difficult etc. Because, on some blogs the alphabets are so twisted and contorted that I never get it right the first time!! It's really frustrating! :|

  3. Thanks tonz Ghazala for writing it!
    (...and that too so wonderfully:))

  4. :) Yeah right, after two, three trials I feel like ''should i really comment!' the i drop.

  5. Cant agree more... there is a much more convenient way to deal with spamming! Comment moderation is the thing! Some people even have both! Phew!

  6. Yeah, Capcha is the most irritating thing on web!

  7. Me too!!

    I agree with you... actually I was not also aware about this till quite some time as I was just learning stuff when one very sweet fellow blogger told me about it and I removed it after that. Yes captcha code is a pain most of the times with the codes sometimes being totally unreadable :D

  8. I have stopped going on many blogs which have this , because most of the times I read it on my phone and it is a pain typing these words ..

    and I dont see what use is it , if someone has to spam or troll you , they can type the words tooo ..

    I have to type in 2 -3 times and I am NOT blind ..


  9. Sometime you want desperately to put a feedback or comment in a blog but in the same speed the capctha discourage you when not able to pass thru the capcha and feel like why I have come her to put a comment and leave the place disheartened.
    Though this is a layer of security but sometimes it makes so crank.

  10. I have taken your advice and have turned off the word verification on my blog

    I agree it is a pain but this pain has come about because of the way in which bots are posting spam comments to drive SEO. It increases the work of the writer of the blog.

    So I have disabled anonymous comments to just make it a bit harder for people to leave comments where they are not willing to identify themselves.

  11. its a pain no doubt....when i see a captcha i do not understand..i dont bother commenting on the space ever again..and if i can understand the scrawly script..i make it a point to tell the blog the risk of sounding rude!

  12. Now only i checked my settings and found like it was turned on!!! Till today i was thinking like only comment moderation was there in my blog. Dont know how many of my fellow bloggers would have got irritated when they came across this in my blog .I have taken your advice and have turned it off now. :)

  13. Haha...completely agree with you! Its the most irritating thing to do. so what...if am not able to recognize the alphabets and numeric values that does't mean am an alien. :P
    It happens with me all the time...after commenting I switch to other blog...thinking its done but...err...something goes wrong and I feel irritated to enter that weird looking captcha thing.
    Thanks Ghazala for making several bloggers think twice on that. :)

  14. completely agree !!!! infact I have written comments and then closed the browser when I get to the verification on numerous posts . Great that you've written a post on it ! hope people understand

  15. Yea me too get annoyed with this problem. Thanks for the beautiful post :)

  16. Oh I so agree with you. Repeated filling of the captcha is so disgusting and it ultimately makes me forget the comment I was about to post.

  17. The title of your post is the first question that comes to my mind too after seeing the verify if you are human thingy. Its so bugging. It ruins the fun after reading a post!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  18. Yeah, captcha can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. But as you rightly said many bloggers are not even aware that captcha is turned on until someone points out. I am sure the message has reached the concerned people, loud and clear.

  19. Good point... they are irritant.. if one is worried about spam just keep the moderation option open and approve only after checking the comment.

  20. The introduction said that the post is fun, I assure it is far from it. It felt more like a rant.

    Word Verification exist because there are program scripts (called bots or spiders) that posts comments automatically, mostly advertising random products. Simply clicking on a box to prove you are not a bot does not make sense because it is something that can be automated.

    While I have no option other than to completely agree with your post about the annoyance it causes, one must also consider that it is a widely accepted solution because even the best minds out there couldn't come up with an easier solution. The best option, in my opinion would be to use simple math problems.

    Also, your design has this two line thing as a background which is really annoying, Please fix it!

  21. Oooh so true Ghazala, captcha is my pet peeve too. I can't write a meaningful comment then spend ten precious minutes of my life trying to decipher a captcha while trying to establish that I am a human being. I love blogspot bloggers but I tend to skip often if they captcha installed. :(

  22. I read the abt the utility of captcha code in the link that you have provided. Its interesting to know that we are helping in some way to digitize old printed books. But yes, it becomes a pain for the eye and mind deciphering them.. May be the possible solution will be to allow a user who is commenting to try the captcha code for a couple of times say. Still if he fails, a mail should go to the blog owner allowing him/her to accept it if he/she wants..

  23. Ghazala i cant stand captcha! I almost always have to try multiple times! Especially when it has numbers in em where o looks like 0 :(

  24. This code sometimes prevent people from commenting.

  25. @Ghazala Just read your post. Nice One. Thanks

  26. I would absolutely agree with you, I have trouble many times getting the codes right and sometimes I have to try three or four times before my comments are accepted; and that makes me feel that I'm not human enough :)
    I used to turn on my comment moderation before but since Blogger has already included a spam filter for Blogspot blogs, I turned it off. All spam comments are now captured in the spam folder, thanks to Blogger.

    Have a nice weekend!

  27. Yup Ghazala, I second your opinion... may be that's the reason I haven't kept it in my blogs too... but now a days the growing number of meaningless comments with sometimes offensive links embedded in them make me think for putting a check... but again, blogger dot com itself is intelligent enough to filter out those comments in majority cases...

    Anunoy Samanta

  28. Absolutely true! Its a pester! This is not needed at all... Comment moderation is done to avoid those meaning less comments... But "Please check this box that you are a human" and some others are totally irritating..

  29. Completely agreeing with it. Captchas are sometimes too difficult!

  30. Arghh...The frustration of having to prove again and again that I am a human is truly annoying!Captchas are EVIL, and they seem to have a way to know that I am in a hurry.....oaf!oaf!

  31. Very True and I agree completely that word verification is not a need nowadays. it was introduced due to spammers who used techniques like "Trackback Submitter" and such others. Blogging platforms are smart these days and have automatic filtering of comments.

    One thing I disagree that your eye sight is not as goad as it used to be and I pray that it will never be such, LOL.

  32. i totally agree with you on this post and very nicely written too :) I don't think there are many blogs out there at all that get enough comments or spam to justify a CAPTCHA.

    I swear CAPTCHAs are getting harder! Especially the google reCAPTCHA on blogger, why all of those blurry house numbers these days?

    I love to blog so I have gone through the trouble of downloading a CAPTCHA bypass browser extension called RUMOLA which fills them all in for you. It is a bit of a God send! I think it was developed for the blind but works well for CAPTCHA haters too!

    Just thought I would share that here because there are so many people who clearly cannot stand CAPTCHA :)

  33. Hi Good to be here again,
    I fully agree with you,
    This word verification thing
    is really an irritating one
    and when i make a comment to
    my friends' posts if i found
    such thing immediately i make
    a note as PS: to remove it,
    It really irritate one who wants
    to comment genuinely ones i made
    almost more that ten times to post
    a comment, very irritating one, but
    few never listen to such suggestion
    instead they keep as it is saying it controls the spam, i don;t know that, but a major number of people immediately go to their dashboard and do it, i am a blogger in Malayalam language too
    one of my friend suggested this to me and i was
    not aware about it and do not know how to remove it, immediately he guided me how to do it,
    I appreciate this post, keep posting such informative and educative post for the benefits of your readers/