Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tangle Dangle~

My Daughter: Anam Hossain

She was standing before me, in a short green jumpsuit, impishly grinning: happy as always. Her beautiful brown hair tied neatly to a side. A touch of eye liner along her eyelashes made me gasp my breath. Ah..! She not only looked grown up and she also looked gorgeous. Every June, she celebrates her birthday and this June she turned thirteen making it a very special month for her.

My daughter is a very today-ish girl, a girl of action, always on the run, sweating it out never worries how she looks. Basketball, football, dancing and ‘Help age India’ took most of her free time. However, her naturally brown hair always moves around her in full participation of all her activities.

As a mother, I have always insisted that she shampoos her hair every other day. Her hair is her best feature and so far she had been careless about it. So far…

And now she was before me all fresh from a shampoo, speaking these magical words, ‘…and that was the end of m hair problems!’ I was not sure, I heard her right. I could not be sure. I heard her alright and noticed how fresh she looked, especially her hair. She seemed excited like she does after a Basket ball match, only now she was not sweaty. In fact, she looked beautiful and neat with her hair tied to a side.

Before she went to take her bath, she had insisted, ‘Mom, I am thirteen now, can I please use your shampoo? Please, please pretty please’.

‘My shampoo is not for you ‘bachche’. It is for oldies like me. Why do not you use your baby shampoo?’

‘No, Mom, Dove shampoo is perfect for everyone with hair problems. Even Grandma uses it. A good stuff is good for all, right’?

Who could argue with that kind of logic, straight forward and simple, just like her. By the way, she was not over convincing me. ‘And Mom, you are not old. Look at you, all my friends’ call you hat and your hair is a dream, all because of Dove damage therapy’.

When you daughter appreciates you, it is the best feeling in the world. I smile at her and that encouraged her to speak her mind more.

‘Mom, I have always eyed your Dove shampoo bottle. I have used it behind your back. And every time, it has left my hair nourished. I love the color and smell. Each drop is like this snow white that gets lost in the Jungle of my tangled hair and my fingers are seven dwarfs helping her, except that there are ten dwarfs, I mean fingers’.

She looked straight from one of those advertisements on television, when she said, ‘I can now safely recommend Dove Damage therapy shampoo and conditioner to all my friends and yours too. Dove shampoo is ‘on the run’ solution to all kinds of hair problem for all age’.

We both ended up hugging and laughing together. 
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Without a care~

I stand beside you
not with you
You are so far away
I have lost my way
to you~
All I can do is wait, here
and endure
There is no future (for me)
until you return
even then I am not sure
life will be the similar
like before
when you were all mine
all the while~
Love has left your heart
It is not easy to bring it,
home, again
Yet I keep the faith…
In the silent vow that we took
With a touch, a feel, a look
When we fell in love
Were we too young to know?
Love is tough to come
Easy to go,
When you declared your love
Without a plan
I loved you then
Like love was meant to be~
Love can mean so many different things
To different people
I want to let you go
Do you know
Deep down somewhere
I am struggling to slaughter
my love for you, hour by hour
Until then, I will love you a little more
With you, for you, without a care~

Sunday, June 3, 2012



You are an explosion
Breaking me into a thousand pieces
Each piece is cracked, chipped
Touched and retouched
Clobbered and kissed
Uneven rough edges
Cotton against skin
Rough to stroke
Stutter around on tip toes
Broken ingredients
Dangling, chiming constantly
Like sounds of yore~
Weight-less memories
Raid on me
Melting inside
Jointly gel
Subsist as one
Tough to elucidate
Sneak in
Bit by bit letting in life
Drop by drop filling
Flooding crowding
I extend for you~

Yes, I
Ravish a faceless, you
With unyielding eyes
Soaked to core
Lost to conclusions
Of every breed
By a steady drizzle
Tapping nonentity
I caress amber to blue..!
Drenched, diluted and submerged
Is my island of love~
Disclaimer: Pictures from google.