Monday, December 3, 2012

Shopper's Paradise : Shoppers Stop

To me, looking good is more about elegance than fashion, more about
comfort than style. It is imperative to be presentable in today's world as it
speaks volumes about one's personal hygiene, social  status and dynamics.

The best part in all this is, it is no more difficult to dress decently! In fact,
it has become so simple that you can order your entire wardrobe on line 
without stepping out of your bedroom door. However, one must 
remember to get an ensemble right. One needs to balance it with correct
accessories. If 'less' is not 'more', then it should at least be 'just right'. 

With e-shopping destinations like Shoppers Stop: where you get an
array of trendy and traditional lifestyle brands, one is spoilt for choice.
The name itself speak of Quality and Service. Their exchange and return
policies are easy and they deliver to up to 500 cities in India. Above all,
they offer free shipping on all their products. 

To speak of my personal taste, I prefer an 'electic ethnic' look for festival
wear: some thing that is conventional yet cool. A little girl in a Lehenga 
Choli looks cute or a gentle man in Sherwani would impresse more on
an Indian festival day. 

A recent festival saw me wearing a Red Sari, which was much appreciated
by my family and friends. My look was stylish and swanky yet simple.
Presenting my picture from my album. I am trying and recreating my look 
for this contest.  Wish  me luck...

You can put my look together by e-shopping at Shoppers StopClick on 
the product names from the catalog for more details.

1: Kashish chiffon jacquard Saree

2: Asmi 18KT Gold Earring with 0.09 carat diamonds.
3: Infinity Bangle -B43502G
4: Asmi 18KTY Gold Ring with 0.03 carat Diamond
5: DKNY Womens Watch NY 8560
6: French collection Ladies Solar Heat Clutch
7Catwalk - Ladies footwear

I confess that Shopper Stop is like a Shopper's paradise to me. I
love their hand bag collection and accessory section a lot. Here is
a picture of a few things I recently purchased from Shoppers Stop.

Personal Collection

1: Haute Curry Handbag -
HB420I love it. Red hand bags
add to your ensemble. However,
be careful not to go over board. 
Keep rest of your attire simple
and elegant.

2: Hidesign - Handbag'Buy
Now' button for this one is so
inviting. Green is in and this
one is the proof of that. Snake
skin finish and a High fashion
look would make anyone swoon
over this your selection.

3: Fastrack Sunglasses - Basics
 -P187BR2F: This is a very 
fashionable and useful 
accessory. It protects your face 
from the Sun God on a day of 
out door fun and frolic. This is
forever use.  

Thank you ShoppersStop  and Indiblogger for this exciting contest. 
Click here for the perfect look contest details.

Disclaimer: Pictures of products and logo are from Shoppers Stop
IndiBlogger logo is from it's site. Rest two are my personal pictures. 


  1. Elegant and classy.. Loved the look :)
    All the best for the contest.. :)

  2. you are looking graceful, BOL for the contest!

    1. Thanks Meenakshi,

      Style is very important in life, not to impress anyone but to feel good yourself :)

  3. Ghazala, you look ready to walk down the ramp as a Showstopper:) Beautiful writing and ensemble! Best wishes for the contest!

    1. Rahul,

      You always say the nicest of things. I am so lucky to have friends like you in blog sphere.

      Thank you so very much~

  4. wow mam u looking so beautiful - a classic pic - and loved ur ensemble to the core

    1. Vinisha dear,

      I am thrilled to get your appreciation. This made my day. Thanks :)

  5. Best wishes for the contest.....

  6. Good pics....All the best for the contest...our family also loves to shop at Shoppers stop.. you have given good info about the online part.

    1. Thanks DT,

      I am glad you noticed. Do keep reading me :)

  7. Ghaz....Perfect ensemble and a great write up:D
    You look absolutely beautiful, elegant n stunning in that red saree...and the accessories add more to the overall beauty! Wowzersssss...
    All the best!

    1. Dear Panchalidi,

      Thank you, I always look forward to your comment. I am so glad you liked the ensemble and the accessories. You know, I wear these on a regular basis <3

  8. Loved it!
    frankly saadi looks more good on u than on the model ;)

    1. Thank you Afshan,

      So sweet of you to say. Your feedback made my efforts worthwhile :)))

  9. You look lovely. Nothing beats the sari for elegance and charm. All the best for the contest!

    1. Nilanjana girl,

      How you been? great to see you here.
      I always doubted, we have similar taste.

      Thanks ~

  10. wow ! gorgeous !!!! u look just stunning in red !!! I sincerely wish you all the very best !

    1. Dear TTT,

      It is for sincerely wishes of friends like you
      that I feel so blessed. thanks and hugs~

  11. Hi Ghazala,

    Great post on fashion! I totally agree, making an effort to look good is well worth it, as people do judge by the way a person looks.

    We have store called Zara and I love getting my clothes from there. The clothes from there are what I would consider as being sophisticated and not too expensive.

    Best of luck with the contest.

    1. hi Hiten,

      We do not have a Zara in kolkata, yet. However, I am thrilled that, you liked my post on Shoppers Stop. You seem to have good taste :))


  12. Hi Ghazala,

    Amazing selection I must say.
    You're looking absolutely elegant in that saree.
    The ensemble you have selected looks very appropriate.

    All the best for the contest.



    1. Jay,

      Your words have given me confidence, thank you for your wishes :)))

  13. You do look elegant in that picture. :)

    Nice collection, Ghazala. All the best for the contest.

    1. Dear D.

      Thank you, I had worn this sari for a festival gathering around the time Shoppers Stop contest came.
      I immediately thought of sharing this with blogger friends. I have always been a regular at Shoppers Stop. So glad you approve :)))

  14. Smokin Hot Gahazala.... you are looking just awesome .

    1. dear Khushbu,

      Thanks girl..! With the right ensemble, we ladies can set any festival on fire. What say? LOL

  15. i love that look on ur face...and what a lovely choice of colour! beautiful saree, and great ensemble...thumbs up to this!!

    one little suggestion, since u have gone for stone work in the earring, ring, kada and watch, and looks like the saree has some stone work too...why not a footwear with stone work? i think it would look great...

    1. dear Princess,

      Thank you..! My daughter was taking this picture and she kept asking me to smile and there was so much on my mind :)
      Actually, there is no stone work on the sari. Ear ring and ring are diamond based and I wear something similar on a regular basis. The slippers, I have selected from Shoppers Stop is some thing I have with me. As they are over used, for the comfort they provide, I did not post picture of it. But believe me, when you need to run around and look good at the same time, nothing beats catwalk ladies footwear. Hugs~

  16. I love the sari you are wearing Ghazala .. all the the girl !!

    1. Dear Sangeeta,

      Thank you, we have similar taste. This is an old sari of my Mom's and I love it :)

  17. You are really a smart shopper! Looking stunning & beautiful! And, yes ! I liked your ensemble.
    All the best, dear! :)

    1. Gayatri sweet,

      I am happy you said that. Earlier I would do a lot of shopping abroad but since the onset of on line shopping in India and shopping portals like Shoppers Stop, I do a lot of shopping on line. Thank you so much~

  18. another winner----all the best for the contest

    1. Dear Rajni,

      Amen to that. I know you mean it, thanks and hugs, woman <3

  19. Replies
    1. dear Rinzu,

      There is definitely something about red, that warms a woman's heart :)

      And I was amazed to see so many beautiful red sari on Shoppers Stop portal. However, this one has my heart set on it. Thanks always~

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  21. interesting collection, best of luck for the contest

  22. Whoa! Thats some lovely collection! I bet it will also look good on you!! ;)

    Would love to hear from you! Do stop by my blog! *cheers*

    1. Dear Kappu,

      It always feels good to see you here. Thank you for liking my choice of ensemble and accessories.
      Will definitely stop by your space, so far been a bit busy :D

  23. Hoot......... Hoot...............whistles...............!!!!!!

    1. Dear Vinita,

      I would have taken serious objection if i were not you..LOL Just kidding. Thanks have not been whistled at for long. ROFL

      Will catch up on your post for sure, been mad busy :(

  24. Replies
    1. Dear Indrani,

      There is something elegant about you, no idea what it is, for i hardly know you. So happy that you liked it. Thanks~

  25. You are looking gorgeous and that is a lovely wishlist! My best wishes for you, Ghazala :)

    1. Dear Arti,

      Thanks and congrats to you once again on Australia win..!

      So glad you liked my pick from Shoppers stop :)

  26. WOW! You look ravishing. As I always say, leave everything and act muse to all of us. :)

    All the very best Ghazala :)

    1. Dear Saru,

      LOL, you always say that and love you for that. Thanks for all the compliments, love you gurl ~

  27. ahhh u made me breathless. from the beginning to the end i was thinking if i could add every mentioned accessories , handbags to my wardrobe :) u look amazing and so this post.
    Wish u luck Mam! :) u rock ;)

    1. Dear Jas,

      Happy to know we share similar taste..!!
      I am sure you love shoppers stop too.
      Thanks and hugs~

  28. Such Fabulous look and equally classy!Good Luck for the contest
    Fashion and Beauty Inside-Out!!