Monday, September 10, 2012

Snap Your Fingers And Buy a Deal...

Name: Ghazala Hossain
Age:   Not applicable
Status: Married with kids
Hobby: Shopping, shopping and Shopping

                Well, this is the easiest way to describe me. But, I can not always get out of the house. I have to
                be there : to welcome servants, pay bills and receive letters. Jokes, apart, I am old fashioned. I do
                not like to shop alone. I am also fussy about climate, traffic jams, and petrol going pricey.

                On line shopping suits me, fits me and when it happened to me, I was in love. At first, I use to  
                browse the shopping portals without buying. I was worried about swiping my credit card. One
                gets to hear about credit card scams. Bad news, they say travels fast.

                There was not one 'Indian on line shopping portal' that gave me confidence. Most of them, did
                not even ship to Kolkata. Until Snapdeal happened. I was super excited, finally an  E-commerce
                site in India that gave awesome bargain and deals and free shipping to every nook and corner.

                I bought local salon deals and restaurant deals from Snapdeal and grew in confidence. Since then,
                I have shopped with 99 labels, Fashion & you, Crazeal, Bhaap, Med plus, Jaabong etc.
                However, Snapdeal remains a favorite. First love, they say is always special.

                All most all my shopping experience with Snapdeal is a breeze. But the most recent one stands out
                as, for the first time, I was ordering a pair of shoes. My daughter needed a pair of sport shoes and
                she insisted on a branded one. There was no sale going on in any of the local shops.

                I sat with my daughter and looked up Snapdeal, on my laptop. Kids these days are very smart. I
                needed to show her what Snapdeal was all about, before she agreed to shop.

About Snapdeal:

Logo of Snapdeal from Blogadda.  


Following two paragraphs are an excerpt from Snapdeal website.

             What is
    features a wide range of products and services from thousands of national, international and
             regional brands. There is a wide assortment of products across categories like Mobiles, Electronics, Fashion
             accessories, Apparel and Footwear, Kids, Home and Kitchen, Sports, Books, Restaurants, Entertainment and
            Spas amongst others. Snapdeal is the shopping destination for millions of online users across the country.
     Which cities are these deals available in?
     Snapdeal offers deals in over 1400 cities all over India. Our aim is to reach and serve
     maximum customers in every corner of the country."
Back to on line shopping:

         She liked what she read and saw. She was excited that shopping had become that easy. With in five 
         minute, we came across a good bargain and decided on Nike shoes for her. Initially, she was 
         worried about selecting the correct size. I advised her to stick to the size her regular size. The size 
         she buys off selves. We also went through the size chart. It was easy to understand. 
         We selected a size bigger for her she is growing up fast. We instantly received a confirmation on my 
         mail from Snapdeal. Our shopping was done.
         Here is the mail,

       Your Order No. : 708898743         Order Placed On : 2012-08-31 13:51:40

        Order Details:
S.noItem nameItem Code / Voucher(s)StatusUnit PriceQuantityPriceSubtotal
1Nike Eliminate Black & Red Sports Shoes
Size: 8
Est. Delivery Date: Sep 09, 2012
Rs. 19951Rs. 1995Rs. 19

Order delivered:
After a couple of days, there was a friendly courier man at our door with a parcel from Snapdeal.

It contained a pair of most amazing sport shoes from Nike. Excitement filled the air.

That was a memorable on line shopping experience. Here is a happy customer. 

Thank you, Snapdeal.

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  1. Indeed online shopping has come as a boon!!

    Lovely shoes!!

    1. Dear Anupama,

      I agree in toto. I am an avid on line shopper.
      Thanks, glad you liked the shoes :)

  2. Pretty realistic way of crafting a post.Good work.

    1. Hi Saustainable,

      Thanks, jotted down, my personal experience.
      Thanks and hope to see more of you here :D

  3. subtotal say's 19 :) bargainnnnnnnnnnnnn

    I do a lot of online shopping


    1. Bikramjit,

      Nike shoes are expensive, good one are 5000/- onwards
      Happy to meet a co on line shopper. Thanks :D

  4. Online shopping is like God's gift to women ;)

    1. Dear Sweta,

      Seriously, on line shopping has been a boon.
      With Snapdeal and all sending a daily alert,
      you easily get the best deal :)

      Thanks and do keep in touch~

  5. That is so cool!

    Best wishes for the contest!

  6. it is boon indeed. Best of luck for the contest. :)

    1. Goingbeyond,

      You can say that again, A boon. i like that.

      Thanks :D

  7. How do we know if the size fits us Ghazala? I mean size differs from brand to brand rt? Esp when it comes to clothes?

    1. Dear Jaish,

      The size table for Snapdeal is very easy to understand. As also
      for other portals, I am sure. For clothes, you buy from Shoppers
      stop and Panataloons, the same measurement should work :)

      Thanks, and do let me know after you buy a dress on line. Bye~

  8. Nice write up.. Btw nice shoes.. I haven't picked up clothes or shoes on line as yet but lots of Home Linen and kitchen stuff.
    Written my experience too.

    1. Dear Manjulika,

      I think, I read it. Will check. I have become a compulsive buyer now.
      I have picked from shoes to lipstick to knife :D


  9. Hi,Nice write up... Btw nice shoes.. I haven't done any of shoes or clothes shopping online but lots of home linen.. Shared my experience too..

  10. Replies
    1. Rajesh,

      Yes, sitting at home and grabbing a deal has become part
      of daily routine now. In case, you do not like something
      you return it :D

      Thank you.

  11. I love online shopping too..But only for books..:-) Nice post dear..:-)

    1. Hi Utopia,

      It always starts with books and
      Wait soon you will end up buying more :)

      Thanks ~

  12. Thoughtful of adding the delivery guy's pic, he must be happy if he c's it.. Online shopping rocks.. (

    1. Hi Ajeeth,

      Delivery boys are the ones who bring you parcels.
      So, I could not miss his picture, glad you approve.

      Thanks and welcome to my space and keep visiting :)

  13. That was a wonderful experience, Ghazala. I am a bit apprehensive when it comes to online shopping but reading your positive review encourages me to give it a go :)

    1. Dear Ari,

      Everybody is apprehensive about a new concept, it is
      most natural. But believe me once you try on line shopping
      you will love it. Try Snapdeal first, it is very convenient.

      Thanks :D

  14. Ghazala, loved the way you shared your online shopping experience with your first love Snapdeal:) Best wishes for the contest!

    1. Hi Rahul,

      First love Snapdeal, LOL
      Thanks and good to see you as always~

  15. I am a what u call it a geek in this things. just love clicking on those 'buy now' buttons as long as i dont proceed with the payment. :P

    1. Mithil,

      LOL, You are funny..! Good to know you have self control.
      Thanks for your time. Glad you stopped by :D

  16. the cash on delivery is the best option as there have be

    en several sites where you have swapped the card but deliveries have not arrived.

    1. Hi Dev,

      COD is the best thing to have happened to on line shopping..!
      Sad to know about money charged on line with out any deliveries.
      It is important to shop with a well reputed Portal, like Snapdeal.
      They have 24*7 tele support. Thanks for sharing your views :D

  17. Oh, I missed this, Ghaz....well, the only on-line shopping that I have done so far are from flipcart (books) and make my trips (air tckets/ hotels )
    This made an interesting read!! But don't you think, buying shoes can get a bit dicey...what if doesn't fit properly, or if doesn't look well. Do they change the design/ piece..? Just curious...all the best, my dear ♥

    1. Dear Panchalidi,

      Buying air tickets on line is common place. You must now turn
      more adventurous, lol

      I agree, buying shoes can be tricky, but I was sure about the size and the
      brand I was buying , so did not hesitate. And, Snapdeal did not disappoint.

      Thank you Di, I always look for your presence :D

  18. the first time i shopped online on was a disaster! I got the wrong sizes and exchanges never really put me off online shopping! but flipkart changed that experience for me...snapdeal, have not tried out yet, i will, after reading this...

    1. Dear Lil Princess,

      You have such a bright presence. Seeing your DP, I feel elated.
      Yes, a bad experience can leave a sour taste. Please, always
      choose a reputed site while on line shopping.

      Wish you happy shopping on Snapdeal. Thanks girl..!

  19. I have very recently started using online shopping though for me it is still limited to flipkart only ;)

    You post gives me confidence to try other websites too!

    1. Hi ME,

      Do try shopping for perfumes and also restaurant deals.
      You get awesome deals of it on Snapdeal. Thanks ad happy shopping:D

  20. Replies
    1. Dear Rajs,

      That means you have not done any on line shopping.
      Do not worry, I do not have to lure you. You will do it
      for it is so convenient and time saving.
      Thank and hugs ~

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  22. Wow..Snapdeal guys are going to be really happy about this post and may be even give you free coupons :)

    1. Hi Haricharan,

      Good to see you, long time..! I wish, Snapdeal
      reads your comment and follows it. LOL

      Thanks, been writing for so many contests, I have become a
      contest pro. There is one more on my mind already. hehehe

  23. i too tried a few online shopping..I too feel I should write a review about my experience..;)..BTW the shoes look very pretty..

    1. Dear Ranita,

      Do write your review, it would be interesting to read.
      Glad yo liked the shoes, kids are very fussy these days
      and they hate going for shopping so Snapdeal came to rescue.
      Thank dear :D

  24. Seriously there was a lot of apprehension about online shopping earlier. Now things are changing. A very honest post and the presentation is becoming your forte. BTW loved the shoes. :)

    1. dear Saru,

      So happy to see you..! you are so right on line shopping has become common place,
      at least amongst the bloggers :))

      Thanks for liking my presentation, I appreciate truly ~

  25. Nice shoes! You have just put your real experience here. A good customer you are ;)

    It's very rare of us (girls) who don't like shopping, but yes! for a doting mothe like you it comes handy with online shopping.

    All the best:)

    1. Dear Gayatri,

      Thank you for reading this. Yes, on line shopping has made
      giving in to kids demand easy :))

  26. This is so frank and insightful post :)
    I wasnt much familiar with services of snapdeal. Mail this article to them. they might publish it on their site :)